January 05, 2022

A consultation to update the Society’s orientations and demands

In February, the Society will launch a consultation of the intellectual disability community in Quebec in order to update the Society’s orientations in view of the 2022 provincial elections.

Throughout the winter and spring, thematic meetings will be organized on various subjects and will allow the intellectual disability community to be consulted on the state of the situation and on the positions and demands that the Society should formulate.

The consultation is open to all, whether or not they are members of the Society.

Consultation process

The consultation will be carried out through thematic discussion sessions, preceded by surveys in order to fully understand the reality of people living with intellectual disabilities, their families, as well as the members in the community.

Once the thematic sessions are completed, an update of the orientations will be made and presented to the members.

Topics for consultation and timeline

The following themes were identified for consultation:

  • Education – Consultation planned for mid-February
  • Social Participation and Services for Adults aged 21 years and over – Consultation planned for mid-March
  • Socio-professional services and employability – Consultation planned for mid-April
  • Role of the State – Consultation planned for mid-May
  • Society’s action for advocacy – Consultation planned for mid-June

The pre-consultation surveys will be sent out approximately three weeks before the thematic sessions and will be open for a period of two weeks.


Consultation dimensions

Registration for the consultation

Whether you are a member or not, you can participate in the consultation. We will be sending out invitations by email to members and other interested people via a mailing list.

If you are interested in participating in the consultation, please register directly using the form below.

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Questions and answers on the consultation

Why do this consultation now?

The Society’s orientations and demands date from the last election in 2018 and it is important to refine and update certain aspects of the document.

The provincial election will be held in the fall of 2022, so it is important to have an updated document to represent the cause and make the political parties aware of the needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Who is the consultation for?

The consultation is open to both members and non-members of the Society.

The goal is also to consult with people with intellectual disabilities and their families, as the Society is the voice of the cause.

How will the thematic workshops

The thematic workshops will be an opportunity for people to contribute to the updating of the Society’s orientations in in the run-up to the elections.

Outlines of proposed updates to the Society’s policies should be sent out in advance, based on the state of research, but also on survey results.

The thematic sessions will take place on an online video platform, and will last three (3) hours per period. It is possible to do more than one period per day if needed.

If several proposals are put forward, sub-groups will be organised to study several proposals simultaneously.

How will the updating of the Society’s positions and demands be carried out?

A survey will be sent to the people involved in the consultation and will be active for a period of two weeks.

Thereafter, an analysis of the results of the survey will be made, and the proposals will be discussed in the thematic sessions.

Once the sessions are completed, a final document will be produced and presented to the members and the Board.

How can I consult the Society’s current orientations and demands?

The Society’s orientations and demands are available on the “Position Papers” page of the Society’s website.

Check them out now (in French)