With efforts grounded in the fundamental principles advanced by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian and Quebec charters of human rights and freedoms, the Quebec Intellectual Disability Society endeavours to:

  • Promote the interests and defend the human rights of people with an intellectual disability and members of their family, either through proactive efforts – particularly through advocacy regarding policy directions affecting people and their families – or by intervening in crises or in discrimination against or the exploitation of people.
  • Inform and raise awareness among members, partners, professionals and workers from this community, as well as decision makers and the general public, about issues and new developments in intellectual disability. It does this through publications and media relations, as well as through events, such as theme days, conferences and awareness campaigns.
  • Act as a spokesperson for the associations and organizations it represents to political and public authorities or social actors, particularly with respect to bills and regulations that address education, work, health, social services, income security or any program that directly or indirectly affects the social integration of people whose cause it supports.
  • Encourage and support initiatives that focus on services and support for natural families or facilitating the autonomy of people with an intellectual disability, and, as a result, that foster their full integration to their community.
  • Promote expertise sharing and the creation of solidarity networks.