April 27, 2022

Consultations on advocacy, the Society’s democratic life, and the role of the State and the community sector in service delivery

The Quebec Intellectual Disability Society has launched a consultation to update its orientations and demands in view of the provincial election campaign. This consultation is open to all people interested or concerned by intellectual disabilities in Quebec and deals with various subjects. You can learn more by visiting the Society’s website.

This part of the consultation focuses on advocacy, the Society’s democratic bodies, and the role of the State and the community sector in the provision of services.

Please note: these two topics are the last on the agenda for the consultation. After the half-day consultations, the Society’s team will analyze the results of the surveys and meetings, and proceed to update the Society’s orientations and demands. The final document should be presented to the members in June.


In order to prepare the half-days, two surveys have been launched and will be open until May 17.

The surveys are completely anonymous, only some demographic information is required in order to get a rough portrait of the respondents. The surveys are available in English and French.

Questionnaire on the role and action of the Society

Questionnaire on the role of the State and the community in the service delivery

Half-days of consultation – May 18, 19 and 25, 2022

Three half-day online consultation sessions will take place on Wednesday May 18, Thursday May 19 and Wednesday May 25. The sessions will provide an opportunity for the intellectual disability community to discuss and express their views on the issues raised in the surveys. Simultaneous translation will be available.

Dates and topics of the half-day consultations:

Whether you are a member or not, you can participate in the consultation days. If you are interested in participating in the consultations, please register directly using the forms below.

It is important to register in order to receive the links to the meetings and to help us plan them.